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noun (Swapbox, pl Swapboxes)

Serverless and exchangeless crypto cash machine powered by free software and open hardware.

How is Swapbox different from other crypto ATM?


The source code and all the plans of the machine are 100% open source and available. Anyone can fork the code and build his own Swapbox.


Swapbox is powered by automated market makers and stablecoins. It will eventually be governed by operators and users, through a DAO.

Community governed

The governance of the project will soon™ be entrusted to a DAO, in order to make the project decentralized from A to Z.


Swapbox is the first trustless crypto ATM (*without exposure to market risk). This means there is no third party you need to rely on: It is you and the blockchain.

Censorship resistant

Swapbox is free & open. The code, the plans and the admin app are deployed on decentralized networks.


The only fees collected are by the operator, on top of the traditional network fees. Additionally, we use innovant layer 2 protocols to greatly reduce the network fees. A DAO fee may be added in the future (opt-in, whether operators or users decide TBD).

For hosts and operators

Host a cash to crypto gateway trustlessly

No third party

When opting for Swapbox, operators avoid hacks, data leaks and other unpleasant experiences, as they don't need any account except a web3 wallet.

No volatility risk

Operators do not need to take care of the crypto liquidity; they only provide stablecoins and cash, avoiding inventory risks.

Community governance

As part of our further development (after v1 release) we want to focus on a sane way to maintain & develop the project as a decentralized community, improving upon current DAOs which in our view are inadequate in their current form (cautiously optimistic for future).

DIY kit assembly

Swapboxes are delivered as an assembly kit. Shipping and manufacturing costs are significantly reduced. We provide full documentation to make the assembly of your swapbox a breeze.

Let your business become a crypto hub.

Hosting a Swapbox is a great way for your business to get involved in the booming crypto world in a innovative way. It has many advantages.

  • Offer your customers more ways to pay
  • Drive more traffic in your store
  • Align your business with the future
  • Increasing your revenue with a new stream of income.
Crypto hub
For users and swappers

Frictionless way to buy and sell crypto for cash.


Swapbox is powered by an automated market maker and stablecoins. To operate and collect the transactions fees, you only need a decentralized wallet.

Competitive cost

At the launch of Swapbox, reward tokens will be distributed to users and operators. They will act as polling mechanism for the future development of the project and may confer some benefits.

Layer 2 first

Swapbox will leverage fast and cheap transaction made available by zkSync Era layer 2.

Non custodial

When you buy crypto with Swapbox, it is your keys, your coin. You can use any type of non custodial wallet, compatible with zkSync Era.

Current problems of classic crypto ATM

Operators of crypto ATMs faces counterparty risks, as they must have funds in banks and centralized exchanges.
With Swapbox, operators do not need any centralized account; all they need is stablecoins and banknotes.
first swapbox kit

Swapbox VS other crypto ATM

Unlike other ATMs, swapbox operates in a trustless and decentralized way. This has many advantages. For the operator, there is no need to provide volatile liquidity, nor to create an account on a centralized exchange. He can rely on the open-source code, which he can audit himself openly.
Swapbox diagram
Classic crypto ATM
Classic crypto ATM diagram

Build your very own Swapbox DIY kit

Swapbox is delivered as a DIY kit, containing every enclosure and hardware part you will need to have a working ATM. Main advantages of DIY kit delivery are : Cheaper for you, cheaper shipping cost and lower transport environnment impact.
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What they say about us

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Ready to decentralize the world?

You feel that there is a lack of a simple, safe and equitable way to enter the crypto universe in your location? By installing Swapboxes, you are offering merchants and consumers a frictionless gateway to the crypto world. Host a Swapbox now and contribute to the crypto revolution.

Get involved into the Swapbox community

About the team behind Swapbox
Discover our purpose, our value, who we are, our major milestones and more.
ROI calculator
Calculate when your Swapboxes will be repaid with custom accurate parameters.
Wether you want to host or to swap, browse the docs to get familiar with Swapbox.

Be part of a global ecosystem

Our goal is to build a permissionless and censorship-resistant ecosystem, where each stakeholder gains governance rights in proportion to their contribution to the ecosystem. Building a good DAO is a huge challenge, and we definitely want to take our time to build a 100% resilient and fair ecosystem for every participant, from the DIY kit manufacturer to the end users.
Swapbox diagram
  • Token distribution
  • Monetary flow
  • Providing service

Meaningfull DAO, no coin voting & centralized forum bullshit

Building a good DAO is a huge challenge, and we definitely want to take our time to build a 100% resilient and fair ecosystem for every participant, from the DIY kit manufacturer to the end users. These are the main features we want to focus on to build the DAO. Follow us on Telegram and Twitter to know about the updates on the DAO.
Operator registry with reputation system
Operator registry with reputation system
Manufacturer registry with reputation system
Manufacturer registry with reputation system
On-chain Swapbox search map
On-chain Swapbox search map
Decentralized and community run Git repository
Decentralized and community run Git repository
Contribution-based token distribution system
Contribution-based token distribution system
NFT certificate minting system for manufacturers
NFT certificate minting system for manufacturers

Good to know

What are the legal restrictions ?
You should check with a lawyer to understand and comply with legal restrictions in your jurisdiction if applicable. Coinatmradar.com has some good information & guides.
When Swapbox DAO?
Hopefully Soon™. The reality is we are a very small self funded team (only gitcoin donations so far) and don't want to build any old rubbish. We are exploring tools such as radicle and endavour to build something which makes sense.
When can I order a DIY kit?
As above, we have had limited resources (& funding) for getting this project over the finish line. Our current priority is to prepare an initial series of DIY kits for sale to early supporters, to help continue funding the project.
What can I do to help?
We welcome both financial and technical contributions. Please consider supporting our gitcoin grant.

Be part of the decentralization, join the community